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segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012


After being in Conímbriga the exhibition "International Surrealism Now" goes to the House of Culture of Setúbal, opened this 5th day of October 2012, being the second exhibition in this brand new cultural space.
The International Surrealism Now is an initiative of the surrealist painter of Coimbra, Santiago Ribeiro, who has released the international surrealism. Now in partnership with artist Victor Lages, who has developed the project Utopia fantastic art, are organizing this exhibition in Setúbal in conjunction with the Association of Artiset artists Setúbal.
Participating in the exhibition 35 artists from various countries, and the traveling exhibition, where change town or city, are integrated local artists.
This exhibition began in Coimbra with Bissaya Barreto support in 2010 and has been in Conímbriga, Paris, Madrid and now Setúbal, thence to Lisbon and Amadora.
The opening is scheduled for 18 pm on November 2nd, 2012 in Arts Space in the House of Culture of Setúbal, located in the city center, (street behind the Guard).
It can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 16 am to 23 pm and Sundays from 16 to 20 hours.
Acacio Cainete - Portugal
Malhador - Portugal
Brigid Marlin - England
Carlos P. da Silva - Portugal
Dan Neamu - Romania
Daniel Hanequand - Canada
Eduardo Carqueijeiro - Portugal
Francisco Urbano - Portugal
Gromyko Semper - Philippines
Héctor Pineda - Mexico
Hugues Gillet - France
Keith Wigdor - USA
Leo Plaw - Germany
Liba WS - France
Luís Fernandes - Portugal
Maciej Hoffman - Poland
Magi Calhoun - USA
Manuela Cravidão - Portugal
Maria Aristova - Russia
Mehriban Efendi - Azerbaijan
Naiker Roman - Spain
Nazareno Stanislau - Brazil
Oleg Korolev - Russia
Otto Rapp - Austria
Paula Rosa - Portugal
Rui Silvares - Portugal
Santiago Ribeiro - Portugal
Shahla Rosa - USA
Sio Shisio - Indonesia

Slavko Krunic - Serbia
Steve Smith - USA
Ton Haring - Netherlands
Victor Lages - Portugal
Vu Huyen Thuong - Vietnam
Yuri Tsvetaev - Russia
  and Zoran Velimanovic - Serbia

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