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sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

" Portuguese and Vietnamese Surrealism in the city of Cantanhede."

The artist from Coimbra, Santiago Ribeiro and the House Culture of Cantanhede city in Portugal, opens to the public Saturday July 2th, 2011, the exhibition "Surrealist Paintings" this time with Vietnamese surrealism of Vu Huyen Thuong.
The Inauguration will be on the day 8th of July by 21:00h.


"Surrealist Paintings" is a itinerant show that the painter is presenting and that will go integrat this time about 20 pictorial works of his own and have ...passed on the Monographic Museum of the Conimbriga in Condeixa-a-Nova, on Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas in Coimbra after having been in the Art Space Rainha Santa Isabel in Santa Clara, Coimbra, with the title "Portuguese and Vietnamese Surrealism". The artist Vietnamese Vu Huyen Thuong will participate now with about 11 works.
The exhibition will move this time to the House of Culture in the city of Cantanhede, Portugal, EU., with the title " Portuguese and Vietnamese Surrealism in the city of Cantanhede."

This exhibition comes after Santiago Ribeiro, have been exhibited at the Biennale of Florence in Italy, in Warsaw in Poland, twice in Moscow in Russia and in Granada in Spain and have curated the exhibition "International Exhibition 2010 - Surrealism Now "that was shown in Bissaya Barreto Museum House and St. Anna Convent in Coimbra, Portugal, EU.

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