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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

"Geysers subconscious-6"

International Center for the Arts presents Andrei Nekrasov

Vanguard-new International Surrealist-Esoteric Art Project

"Geysers subconscious-6"
Santiago Ribeiro participates in surrealist exhibition in Moscow.
25th August, 2010.

60 Artists: Surrealist, Symbolists, Avant-guardists, Mystics, Esoterics an
from Russia, CIS( Former Soviet Republics) , as well as from:
Great Britain, will take part in the "Subconsciousness Geysers-6".

Artists participating Art Project "Geysers subconscious-6"
Section 1:-
Section 2:-

1. Andrei Nekrasov (Czech Republic, Russia, Moscow) 2. Rima Krasykova (Moscow, Russia) 3. Oleg Korolev (Russia, St. Petersburg) 4. Paul Kaminski (Germany, Wolfsburg) 5. Tatomir Pitariu (USA, Los Angeles) 6. Victoria Unikel (Berlin-Moscow) 7. Santiago Ribeiro (Portugal, Coimbra) 8. Eugene Men (Australia, Brisbane) 9. Olga Durova (Moscow, Russia) 10. Paul Lyakhov (Russia, Moscow) 11. Anna Plavinskaya (USA, New York) 12. Gennady Ulybin, (Spain Seville) 13.Igor Arslanov (Moscow, Russia) 14. Cyril Zhilkin (Moscow, Russia) 15. Trupak Elena (Russia, Stavropol) 16. Leon Kubassky (Dublin, Ireland) 17. Valery Prince (Moscow, Russia) 18. Marina Kirillov (Moscow, Russia) 19. Mikhail Naumov (Moscow, Russia) 20. Sergey Yarovoy (Moscow, Russia) 21. Larissa Urvantsev (Russia-Belarus) 22. Vitaly Valge (Russia, St. Petersburg) 23. Julia Abrosimova (Moscow, Russia) 24. Catherine Abrosimova (Moscow, Russia) 25. Zinovy Senyak (Moscow, Russia) 26. Igor Dobronravov (Moscow, Russia) 27. Gennady Smirnov (Russia, Moscow). 28 Irina Vasilieva (Moscow, Russia) 29. Katia Napolova, artist-healer (Moscow, Russia) 30. Dmitri Stepanov (Russia, St. Petersburg) 31. Larissa Churkin (Russia, Moscow), 32. Sergei Martin (Moscow, Russia) 33. Elena Tokarev (Russia, Chelyabinsk) 34. Theophanes Gunn (Moscow, Russia) 35. Alain Levashov (Russia, Moscow) 36. Olga Kulagina (Moscow, Russia) 37. Jaroslav Surkov (Russia, Moscow) 38. Ginger Liz (Moscow, Russia) 39. Andrey Vishnevsky (Russia, Moscow) 40. Sergei Mordas (Moscow, Russia) 41. Irek Kashapov (Russia, Ufa) 42. Zina Chernova (Russia, Moscow, Russia) 43. Vyacheslav Pimenov (Moscow, Russia) 44. Tanya Allen (Moscow, Russia) 45. Tatiana Gorbasheva (Zotov), artist-healer (Russia, Moscow), 47. Shahla Rosa (USA, California) and more...

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