Paintings by Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro de Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009


Casa Museu Bissaya Barreto
Coimbra, Portugal, European Union

painting by Santiago Ribeiro


Machado Lopes, Hiroshi Umezaki, Teresa Bravo, Santiago Ribeiro, Pedro Olayo (filho).

Isabel Horta e Vale , Gerry Salole ( Chief Executive, European Foundation Centre), Santiago Ribeiro, Manuel António.

Isabel Horta e Vale (Cultural Director, Bissaya Barreto Foundation), Gerry Salole, Pedro Olayo, Santiago Ribeiro.

paintings by Mário Silva

Rui Vilar (Calouste Gulbenkian President), Fernanda Mota Pinto, Meliço Silvestre, Patrícia Viegas Nascimento.

Fernanda Mota Pinto, Rui Vilar, Patrícia Viegas Nascimento, Meliço Silvestre.

painting by Xosé Barreiro

Rui Alarcão

painting by Hiroshi Umezaki

painting by Paul de Roos

painting by Teresa Bravo

Nunes Gaspar and Fernando Nobre (International Medical Assistance).

Rui Vilar (Calouste Gulbenkian President)

painting by Santiago Ribeiro

Maria Helena Goulão, Patrícia Viegas Nascimento, Gerry Salole, Santiago Ribeiro, Meliço Silvestre.

Maria Helena Goulão, Patrícia Viegas Nascimento, Rui Vilar, Gerry Salole, Santiago Ribeiro, Meliço Silvestre.

Maria Helena Goulão, Rui Vilar, Patrícia Viegas Nascimento, Isabel Horta e Vale, Gerry Salole, Santiago Ribeiro, Meliço Silvestre.

Fernando Regateiro and Helena Toscano.

Pedro Canavarro and Fernando Nobre (AMI).


Carlos Jorge Monteiro (Cájó)
photos Carlos Jorge Monteiro
painting by Pedro Olayo (filho)

painting by Mário Silva

painting by Teresa Bravo

painting by Santiago Ribeiro

Arte nos jardins da Casa Museu da Fundação Bissaya Barreto
Uma mostra de Artes Plásticas integrada nas comemorações dos 50 anos da Fundação Bissaya Barreto inaugurou o X Encontro Nacional de Fundações, realizado em Junho do corrente ano de 2008 na Cidade de Coimbra que debateu o tema da interculturalidade.
Esta mostra estará patente ao público desde o dia 19 ao dia 30 de Junho.
Hiroshi Umezaki (Japan)
Mário Silva (Portugal)
Martine Allart-Boquet (France)
Mito Elias (Cabo -Verde)
Paul de Roos (Netherland)
Pedro Olayo (filho) (Portugal)
Teresa Bravo (Portugal)
Santiago Ribeiro (Portugal)
Xosé Barreiro (Spain)
organization Bissaya Barreto Foundation with contribution by Machado Lopes and Santiago Ribeiro

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  1. felicitaciones...splendido trabajo !

  2. I love your work !
    and of your friends
    I'm a surrealism art fan, too.
    I will keep in touch with your blog

  3. Santiago, I stumbled upon your blogspot and was immediately drawn into your surreal and imaginary worlds. I was impressed and pleased to see that the places you exhibit have quite an international list of artists displaying pieces. It must be so exciting to show with other artists from all over the world. I am also an artist. I photograph and love to travel. These are my two passions. My style is sometimes simply ‘straight’ photography, while I also manipulate multiple images to create an entirely new world. One of my favorite art forms is magical realism and I try to play off of that genre with my photography. Surrealism and magical realism have a lot of similar qualities. The main, I would say, is the altering of the familiar into something distorted and warped. Have you had the opportunity to exhibit outside of your native Portugal? I applaud your work and truly enjoyed visiting your blog. I wish you the best and hope you can continue to be exposed to many other artists .